April 7, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #41: City of Glass

I posted my review of City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare this past weekend--check it out--and there is one book left in the series. City of Glass is the big finale in this YA fantasy trilogy. I've come this far, so why stop now?

I haven't read the reviews for this book, but I don't think I really need to in order to have it on my wish list. Clare has managed to create a fun, vibrant world for her characters to run around in. It's got a tinge of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe, but not so much that it appears to be trying to copy the Joss Whedon vibe. Nor does it veer into Twilight territory. This world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders, while filled with the oh-so-familiar vampires and werewolves, has found its own niche.

And I'm really hoping that incestuous crush subplot gets resolved in the third book in a manner that doesn't make my skin crawl.

How about you? Read any of the books from the Mortal Instruments trilogy? Like, dislike?


  1. Never read any of these, but they sound cool. I don't usually read YA, but there were a few I have been meaning to check out.

  2. YA fantasy can be a bit of a morass to wade through, but I've been fortunate to discover entertaining reads like Cassandra Clare's work.

  3. I thought the first of this series was mediocre--not very good writing, to be honest. But it did get better, and I quite enjoyed City of Glass.

  4. i left off this book 2 last year. still gotta read this one too. mostly curious about the infamous crush outcome.

  5. Brenda - It's not Hemmingway, that's for sure, but I still found it enjoyable.

    vvb32 - Yeah, that crush thing has me spooked.