April 30, 2010

On My Radar: Joe R. Lansdale's "Deadman's Road"

Scheduled to be released in October, Subterranean Press has something special cooked up for fans of Joe R. Lansdale and his special brand of storytelling. Deadman's Road is a collection of stories involving the character, Reverand Jedidiah Mercer, and his adventures in the old west with all manner of monsters.

I am not familiar with this character, or much of Lansdale's work beyond a few short stories, but I do like the idea of blending horror and other dark themes with the Wild West--the upcoming Jonah Hex movie has my interest despite the casting of Megan Fox.

Deadman's Road consists of a novel, Dead in the West, being re-released as well as four shorter stories entitled: "Deadman's Road," "The Gentleman's Hotel," "The Crawling Sky," and "The Dark Down There." The book will be a cloth-bound hardcover, but Subterranean Press will also have 200 signed leather-bound editions too ... for a heftier sum.

I'm not likely to be forking over the moolah for one of those limited edition jobs, but I think this is one book I'll have to keep an eye out for. Lansdale is one of those authors who never seems to receive a bad review from horror fans.

What's your take? Ever read the Jedidiah Mercer stories before? This something you'll be anticipating in the fall?

You can read about the book and pre-order information here.


  1. Oh my sweet Lordy, yes! Mercer's like a pessimistic, unpleasant Solomon Kane with revolvers.

    "The Gentleman's Hotel" has spectral conquistador-werewolves! "Deadman's Road" has a ghost made of bees!

    On a side note, you can read both of those stories in the (much cheaper)Lansdale collection SHADOWS, KITH AND KIN.

  2. Ah, good to know. Thanks, Josh.

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