March 24, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #39: The Extra

God forgive me, but I detest reality television and just about anyone who would associate themselves with it. I'm not sure who I can point my finger at as the culprit behind what has amounted to the ruination of television--not that it was a precipitous decline--but that person should have their knuckles rapped with a ruler.

So, when I discovered Michael Shea has come out with a new novel through Tor Books about a reality television show that kills off its cast, titled The Extra, a sinister and gleeful side of me took interest.

The story takes place in either an alternate or near-future version of Hollywood. Audiences have a blood lust like never before and one studio is more than happy to oblige by hiring movie extras to appear in a new project titled "Alien Hunger", where they are literally torn to shreds by giant mechanical spiders. Holy crap, can you imagine. Survival earns a small fortune for the extras, but I have a suspicion that the studio isn't in the habit of making it easy for them.

From the reviews I've read, there seems to be a dash of satire mixed in with the carnage. That's enough to put it on my wish list.

Has anyone heard of this book or the author? Had a chance to read it? If so, what did you think?

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