March 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #37: Infernal Devices

A blog I've had on my radar (aka blogroll) for a little while now is the Mad Hatter's Bookshelf & Book Review. It's one more in a countless array of book blogs that has opened my eyes to authors and novels I should read. One intriguing title is a sci-fi classic, as highlighted by the Mad Hatter, which is due to be re-released by the publisher, Angry Robot.

K.W. Jeter is lauded as the man who created the word "steampunk." And two of his long out-of-print steampunk titles are being re-released--Morlock Night and Infernal Devices. Both sound promising, but it's the latter that grabs my attention.

I read Cassandra Clare's City of Bones a little over a year ago, which is the first in a trilogy called The Infernal Devices. So, when I spied that title as one of the two by Jeter, it jumped out at me. It tells the tale of a Victorian watchmaker who follows in his father's footsteps, taking over the business following his father's demise, only his talents fall well short of the old man. Throw in that family dynamic with the promise of time travel, and you have my attention.

The other novel, Morlock Night, also sounds interesting in its own right, as it's a sequel of sort to H.G. Well's The Time Machine.

I'm not on the steampunk bandwagon--yet--so it could serve me well to sit down and read a book by the guy who invented the term. How about you? Ever heard of K.W. Jeter and his works? If you've read Infernal Devices, would you recommend it to others uninitiated to the sci-fi sub-genre?

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