March 3, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #36: Just Like Hell

I don't often list novellas in these WLW entries, but this one by Nate Southard sounds like it should be the exception to the unwritten rule. I mentioned Southard last week as the one who made me aware of Gillian Flynn's debut novel. Well, Brian Keene made me aware of Nate Southard. And at the top of Keene's 2008 reading list was a novella called Just Like Hell.

It's garnered a couple comparisons to the gut-wrenching classic by Jack Ketchum, The Girl Next Door. That novel was a punch to the throat--if you're squeamish you won't make it through that book. So, without even hearing what Southard's novella was about, I became interested.

The story deals with a teenage football star who wakes up bound in the trunk of a car. He's been abducted by his teammates and taken to a secluded cabin in the woods. Why? Because the secret is out--he's guy and has been having an affair with another boy at school, a boy that is captive with him in the woods. What transpires is some heavy stuff as the homophobic thugs engage in a level of viciousness that--like The Girl Next Door--is steeped in a cruel reality.

I am going to be keeping an eye out for this one. It's unlikely I'll see it floating on shelves in my neck of the woods, but it'll be on my radar anyway. How about you? Have you heard tell of this title? Read anything else that Nate Southard has written? What do you think?

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