March 8, 2010

Meme, Myself & I: A Book Questionnaire

I spied on Ryan G's Wordsmithsonia a book questionnaire meme that's been floating around the blogosphere. I figured I'd sit down and whip off some answers too. Ah, procrastination, you tempt me so.

Rule 1: No two answers can be the same.
Rule 2: All books must be fiction.

What book is next to your bed right now? I am just finishing up Cassandra Clare's City of Ashes, a YA urban fantasy novel and sequel to City of Bones.

What is your favorite book? This always changes among a select group of amazing novels. But ever since high school I've loved Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

What is your favorite book series? Without question, Stephen King's The Dark Tower. Whether a fan of horror, fantasy, or even westerns, this series is for people who love storytelling.

What is the one book you'd have with you if stranded on a desert island? SAS Survival Guide by John Wiseman. If I'm going to go insane on an island with a volleyball a la Tom Hanks, I want a book that will help keep me alive long enough to go all the way crazy.

What book/series would you take on a long flight? The Quran ... just to mess with the other white folks. What? That's not fiction? Hmmm, debatable. Alright, then how about Charles Dickens' David Copperfield.

What is the worst book you had to read in school? Fifth Business by Robertson Davies. I can't even remember it that well, but I still hold a grudge against it.

What book should everyone in school be made to read? The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman. Piss on what Christianity's peanut gallery has to say, this is a damned fine piece of children's literature.

What book should everyone read, period? Roald Dahl's The Witches. Young or old, it's a fun read that scared me when I was just a little fella.

What is your favorite character? I can't say Pip from Great Expectations, so I'll go with Einstein the dog from Dean Koontz's Watchers. I'm a sucker for an adorable dog, especially one that's super-intelligent and likes to read.

What is your favorite villain? Randall Flagg from The Stand by Stephen King. That guy oozed evil.

What is your favorite concept series? Since I can't say The Dark Tower series, or even Pullman's His Dark Materials, I'll go with a comic book--I didn't see anything that disqualified them. Batman.

What is your favorite invented world? Oz.

What is the most beautifully written book? There have been some whoppers I've read, but I'll tip my hat to The Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Great story of a boy lost at sea that is chalk full of beauty and symbolism. The book is much smarter than me and I love it for that.

What is the funniest book? Oh, how I wish I could read more funny fiction. Of the novels I've read and laughed out loud, I'll go with Mort by Terry Pratchett. Being Death's apprentice is ripe for comedy.


  1. Love, Love Einstein from The Watchers. It was the first Koontz book I fell in love with, mainly because of that dog.

    I have always wanted to read The Witches and maybe this will kick me in the butt and force me to.

    Great List!

  2. Really? I loved Fifth Business!

  3. Oh.My.God.
    Great Expectations has been my favourite classic since I first read it when I was about twelve; I now have to read it at least once a year. The Dark Tower novels are my favourite seris of books; I love the ending. Einstein is one of my favourite all time characters, and Randall Flagg has to be the best baddie ever....

  4. By the way, the SAS Survival Guide iPhone App is now available. Has some really cool apps along with the FULL book content. Check out

  5. By the way, the SAS Survival Guide iPhone App is now available. Has some really cool apps along with the FULL book content. Check out

  6. Ryan - Glad to see someone else with an appreciation for the canine heroes in literature. :)

    Lenore - Did not care for it. At all. I still remember loathing the book report I had to write.

    Akasha - Great minds think alike.

    Arun - Fantastic. Now all I need is an iPhone. :|