February 17, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #34: Mr. Shivers

All I know about this book is a short blurb I read on Fantasy Book Critic, but that was enough to put it on my interminable wish list.

Robert Jackson Bennett is a new name for me--I don't know about the rest of you--but his Depression era horror novel, Mr. Shivers, sounds intriguing.

Marcus Connelly is wandering across the great dustbowl that is America with a thirst for revenge. A scarred man has murdered his daughter, so he decides to hunt the man down to reap his own form of justice. As his search progresses, he quickly discovers that he's not alone, as there are others who have lost loved ones at the hands of this mysterious stranger. After they band together as a hunting party, Connelly suspects the killer they're chasing is something other than human. And Connelly's path to revenge may cost more than he'd originally anticipated.

That sounds cool as heck. It may not be any good, but the premise coupled with the backdrop sound promising. I'd be more than willing to give this novel a chance if I ever came across it.

Have you heard tell of this author and/of novel? What do you think? Sound good, or just not your cup of tea?


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  3. I'm not a huge horror reader, but the title of this one definitely caught my attention. Not sure I could stand the suspense and scariness, but I'd definitely read the cover blurb just for the title alone. Hope you enjoy it!