February 11, 2010

There Goes My "Heroes"

Heroes is over. And good riddance, I say. I watched the finale, after skipping nearly the entire season, and I have to say that the narrative of that series has been running around in circles ever since Season 2 jumped the genetically-mutated shark.

I remember when the show debuted. I thought, they're airing a quality version of Mutant-X on television ... network television. Well, my dreams were dashed after the first season. Let the historians debate over where the show went wrong. All I know is that they dropped the ball and never got it back. And that's a shame because as bad as it got, it was head and shoulders better than most of what's on network television these days.

So long, Heroes. All the best to the creators, writers, and actors ... and the key grips. May you find greener pastures. And better projects.

Thanks to Natalie Sin for cheering me up this week with some Batman & Robin fun.


  1. It is my joy to pervert a classic comic strip : )

  2. I've only seen the first series!! Free on my BT Vision (UK TV thingy) and thought it was great.

    Did wonder where it could go for another 4 seasons or whatever it did! Maybe I'll just skip to the last one!

  3. I bought the first season on DVD since I never was able to watch it on TV and I rather enjoyed it so I was excited for season two when it came out. I must say I didn't like it as much and I really never did get into this last season. I'm sorry to see such a wonderful concept go horribly wronge.

    By the way "Mutant X" was kinda cool in it's day.

  4. Thank the lord, it should have died some time ago.

  5. Nat - :)

    Sarah - Well in the run of the whole series, it basically went in circles with very few characters evolving to any worthwhile degree. Sad, really.

    Ryan - Mutant X had it's moments, but I kept equating it with Xena and Hercules.

    Cate - I reluctantly agree. Too bad it went off the rails.

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