February 25, 2010

Meme, Myself, & I: 1 Truth, 6 Lies

Kent Allard over at Dead in the South tagged me this week with a meme. The gist is that once you've been tagged, you have to tell six outrageous lies about yourself and one truth, or one lie and six outrageous truths--whatever suits you. Then you tag a few other bloggers who will be up for the challenge. So, to keep this ball rolling, here are my six lies and one truth. I'll let you have fun picking out which one is the truth.

1) I know what puppy tastes like.

2) I once worked security for a rock concert. The lead singer of the obscure headlining band refused to take the stage. I was subsequently tasked by his band-mates to carry his inebriated butt onstage, where upon the cheers of the people in attendance spurred him into performing. I was never paid.

3) I once got so high and paranoid off hashish, I became convinced my mother would show up at the party, discover I'd done drugs, and disown me. In my drug-addled haze, I figured the best solution was to call my mother to pick me up at the party so she could take me home and I could sleep off the high. When she arrived at the party, I panicked and hid in the basement.

4) I, and two other boys, had to buy one of my friends a Super Nintendo to replace the one we used in a weekend marathon session of Mortal Kombat and NHL '93. The game console was on for nearly twenty-four hours before something inside caught fire and the back of the machine melted.

5) My girlfriend dumped me for my sister's fiancé. My sister tried to get us all on "Jerry Springer".

6) I played a practical joke on a college classmate that ended up putting him in the hospital. While he was sleeping in the passenger seat as I drove him back from a party, I parked the car directly in front of an idling Mack truck in a Tim Horton's parking lot. After I started screaming and honking the horn, he woke up, freaked out, and leaped out of the car to land so awkwardly he broke his collarbone.

7) I have a deep seeded fear of mud puddles.

There you have it. One of those is real. Good luck picking out which one.

Now to tag some others for this exercise in dishonesty tinged with confession. I think I will nominate Cate Gardner @ The Poisoned Apple, Celia Larsen @ The Adventures of Cecelia, Bella McGuire @ A Bibliophile's Bookshelf, Josh Reynolds @ Hunting Monsters, and Akasha Savage.

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  1. I so hope number three is the truth.

    Thanks for tagging me. :D