February 8, 2010

Links to Book Giveaways and Even a Kindle Giveaway

Always with the contests, I am. I like things that are free. Don't you? If so, here's a list of book giveaways that I've entered.

I found out today there is a giveaway for an Amazon Kindle happening at Tartitude. Click HERE for the details. As I am sans e-reader, this is of particular interest to me. I found out about it through Brande @ Book Junkie, whose birthday book contest I won recently and received a bunch of e-books. Do Kindle's let you read PDF files?

Then there are the book giveaways.

Handle Like Hendrix has a giveaway right now for a copy of a Lili St. Crow's sequel to Strange Angels, called Betrayals. It ends Feb. 9th, so hop to it.

Reversing the Monotony is hosting a 50 Followers Contest where two winners will each have a choice from a dozen titles. That contest ends on Valentine's Day. If Aye-Me reaches 200 followers, she'll add a third winner. Her follower count right now is 185. Help her out.

Celia @ Adventures with Ceclia Bedelia has a giveaway going on for a copy of Cherie Priest's Boneshaker. That contest ends on Feb. 19th.

Horror World has their monthly Leisure Horror Book Contest again this month. This time around, you can enter for a chance to win Ray Garton's latest novel, Scissors.

Then, there are a few book blogs hosting giveaways for Dan Simmons novels.

All About {n} is hosting a giveaway where there are five copies up for grabs of both and Simmons' new release, DroodBlack Hills. The contest ends on Feb. 13th.

Only the Best is giving away a copy of Drood. There's a catch though, which is that your entry must be a snarky one. Don't ask me, they're his rules. That contest ends Feb. 15th.

And finally, Blood of the Muse is giving away a copy of Drood. Paul's contest ends on Feb. 20th.


  1. Nice list. I have one for White Cat by Holly Black if you want to enter.


  2. Thanks for the heads up, but I'm a Canuck. :( No entry for me. I'll still throw a link to it up on my sidebar, though.