February 16, 2010

Kevin Smith Vs. Southwest Airlines: Sticking Up for the Not-So-Little Guy

I've never flown in a plane in my life, and after listening to Kevin Smith's Smodcast #106--aptly titled "Go F**k Yourself, Southwest Airlines"--I have a feeling I never will.

I've heard enough horror stories over the years about various airlines. The litany of gripes have impressed upon me that air travel is about as enjoyable as a barbed-wire enema. And it turns out that as a fat guy I can add one more graceless offense by airlines to expect, should I ever try to book a flight somewhere.

You've likely heard on the news, tabloids, or blogosphere this week that Southwest Airlines kicked writer/director Kevin Smith off an Oakland-to-Burbank flight last weekend because they deemed he was a "safety risk." What the hell does that mean, you ask? That's fancy legalese for "Hey, fatty! Put down the bag of Oreos and waddle your wide load off our plane, you fat f**k!"

I could go on about the whole controversy, but I'm sure there are cleverer bloggers out there who've already ranted on it. Plus, Kevin Smith summed up the whole thing perfectly on his Smodcast. Or you can sift through his Twitter page (@thatkevinsmith). You'll at least get the full context of the incident from him, as the news media has done a piss poor job so far in addressing the dispute. I was particularly surprised at the vitriol coming from an anti-obesity/pro-Southwest pundit, but that's what I deserve for recording an episode of Anderson Cooper 360--never again.

As if I wasn't already disheartened by United Airlines for losing and damaging luggage without remorse, or Air Canada and their abject customer service. Now, Southwest Airlines is declaring war on fat people.

Well, I'm not one to jump on a bandwagon, but I will echo Kevin Smith's sentiments as a fellow fatty. Go fuck yourself, Southwest.

I wonder if the trains hate fat people. Heck, I wonder if the trains even still run.

Photo from: http://twitpic.com/1340gw


  1. I've been hearing a lot about this from my hubby, as he follows Kevin Smith on Twitter. Its such a disgrace that the airline would do this.

    In support of the great Kevin Smith I bought the hubby his book for V-Day! From what I hear he's a very funny man.

  2. I read some of his first book, "My Boring-Ass Life". It was pretty good, though it's not exactly Hemmingway. :) He has a second book out I think ... is that the one you're talking about?