January 7, 2010

Writing Like Crazy: I Ought to Write More than I Did During the Oughts

Ten @#$%ing years into the millennium. How about that? When the millennium started I was not a writer. Go figure. I wasn't even much of a reader. In 2009 alone, I read over a hundred books, so I'm chalking that up as progress. In 2009, I also sold my first short story--"Scarecrow's Sunrise," which was published in the JW Schnarr edited anthology, Shadows of the Emerald City. That's a step in the right direction for my life in writing.

Now, as 2010 gears up, I need to put the pedal to the metal. For as much as I learned about and accomplished within the craft of writing during the last decade, I need to do just as much--but preferably more--over the next decade. That's about as close as I'm going to come to a New Year's resolution. Read more, write more, submit more. Whatever I'm doing right, do more of that. Whatever I'm doing wrong, cut it out.

I've already sold my second short story, "Burdened by the Break of Day," which is due to appear in the Jodi Bell edited Dead Bells anthology sometime before the snow melts.

I caught word from The Literary Lab that my two submissions didn't make the cut in Genre Wars. Oh well, it was still a fun exercise. Congrats to those to who manage to win out. You can see the results HERE.

In 2010 so far, I've submitted a short story to Bad Moon Books' Zombie Short Story Contest. I'm not huge on zombie fiction like some folks, but I'm not totally averse to it either. I just need a really good hook beyond a horde of the walking dead to keep me interested. For my contribution into the realm of zombie fiction, I avoided the swarming mass of undead humanity and took a different path. Whether the story ends up in contention for the prize or inclusion in the subsequent anthology, that's hard to say. Fingers crossed.

Bandersnatch Books has an open call for submissions at the moment for their impending anthology, Dead West: 13 Tales of Murder and Mayhem. Submissions are open until they fill the thirteen slots, and I'm not finished my attempt at it yet, so I'd better get cracking.

One of the reasons I haven't finished the Dead West story yet is because I'm still working out the kinks on my entry into the New Bedlam Spring Thaw Contest. The premise of this one is a bit tricky, as the story must be based within the fictional town of New Bedlam (one of Jodi Lee's marvelous machinations), and I only have a vicarious grasp on the setting and supporting characters. Fortunately, I've found a few short stories and a rudimentary map of the town to work with. The deadline is January 29th, so I should have it finished with time to spare.

And finally, The Clarity of Night is hosting another flash fiction contest this month. I had fun with the last one, so I'll give it another go. You can click here to get the details.


  1. It's great to know that you write fiction, along with your reviews, and that you are selling your fiction with regularity; nothing's more exciting than breaking in and making those sales. Congratulations on that; keep writing - from your blog entries alone, it's obvious you have much talent with words.

    You probably know about the story market listings on-line such as Ralan's, Duotrope, etc.

    Best of luck in placing many more stories in 2010!

    Carol Weekes

  2. Hey, Carol. Thanks for the kind words. I definitely keep track on Duotrope, still have my Writer's Market 2009 sitting at my desk, and peruse other sites when I can for open calls on submissions.

    The novel is what I really need to buckle down on, though. :)

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