January 21, 2010

Wag the Blog #12: L.A. Candy = Empty Calories

I've crept around the blogosphere and found a few more interesting blog entries. I could probably post a ton more links, but let's it keep it relatively short and sweet this time around. And if you've come across some particularly entertaining or informative blog entries in your travels, feel free to leave a comment and post a link.

This week, the Globe and Mail's book blog, In Other Words, posted a short list of 2010 book releases that are not likely to appear on many wish lists. At least I hope not. I mean, sheesh, Lauren Conrad has allegedly written a second pseudo-novel. Why? Because the first one left so many unanswered questions?

Author, Bill Ward, has been reviewing some classic--or not so classic--80s flicks. The most recent one I saw posted on his blog is one of my all-time favorite cult classics, Big Trouble in Little China. If you are a fan of Kurt Russell, you've seen this movie. If not, you'd better.

Bev Vincent wrote a nice article about Aspring Writers over at Storytellers Unplugged. She talks about her own ordeals with the "aspiring" aspect of writing, and her encounter with one writer in particular and his struggles to sit down and write.

Alan Mott, at Bookgasm, posted a very funny article about the current trends in the books on shelves these days. It's called 20 Creative Ways to Become a Published Author, and it's definitely worth checking out. It's kind of depressing that, as funny as each example is, they're all true. Paris Hilton is credited as an author, people. I'd read her book, but I fear for my sanity.

Over at Unspeakable Horror!, Chad Helder graces us with his Top Ten Totally Subjective Reasons Why He Loves Stephen King. I forgot King coined the term "pyrokenesis." I recall he came up with "fuckery," so I wonder what other words he's invented.

I don't have an e-reader, but I think I'd like one. One problem is disposable income, but the bigger problem is discussed on Gizmodo--There Are Officially Too Damn Many E-Book Readers. I knew there were a few different brands, but the market is about to be saturated.

Mandy at Edge of Seventeen wrote an interesting blog asking What Happened to the Horror Genre in YA? It's a good question. Of the YA titles I've read, Carrie Ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth is about the closest I've seen come to horror, though it's not the focus of the story. Kate Cann's Possessed might be worth a look-see.

And finally, writer Jason Sanford offers his own brand of writing advice. And in compliance with his wishes, let's just call the title of the article, What Every Successful Author Knows! These are funny and eerily true.


  1. I agree regarding Forest of Hands and Teeth. It was totally scary at times. Although I believe usually categorized as Post-Apocalyptic.

    The Possessed by Kate Cann is kinda scary, but more of a Mystery. It's a pretty good one, though. But not really "scary". The cover is a little deceiving. I'll be posting a review of it on my blog, soon. I did really enjoy it.

    Where's the scary!?

  2. You're welcome, Max.

    Mandy, I'm not sure where the scary is in YA. I'm gonna have to check your blog post again for any new comments with possible leads.