January 8, 2010

Book Contest Links ... more than a few

I like free books. I really, really do. But I had no idea I'd luck out the way I have so far this year. We're not even to mid-January yet. First off, I won a copy of Nancy Holzner's Deadtown thanks to Fantasy Literature. Thanks to both Nancy Holzner and Stephen Frank @ Fantasy Literature, as I look forward to reading that one.

And then, this week, I found out that I was drawn as the winner of Book Junkie's Birthday Book Bash. How many books come with that prize? Only 35. What?! Yup, 35. It's crazy, I know. And a HUGE THANK YOU to Brande for hosting the contest. I will not be at a loss for reading material in 2010, that's for damn sure.

And yet, I've thrown my name in the hats of even more book contests and giveaways. Here's a rundown in case you're interested in doing the same.

  • There are only a couple of days left in Graeme's Fantasy Book Review's Giveaway for one of three copies of Orson Scott Card's new release, Hidden Empire. Click HERE.
  • You still have a few days to visit Fantasy Book Critic for a chance to win a signed copy of Armageddon Bound by Tim Marquitz. Click HERE.
  • Jo @ Ink and Paper is celebrating her blog's 200 follower mark with a giveaway. Four winners will be chosen for four separate books. Click HERE.
  • It's Dark in the Dark is hosting a great contest where four winners will be drawn, too. Two winners each receive a copy of Dan Simmons' Drood, and two winner each receive a copy of Dan Simmons' new releases, Black Hills. Click HERE.
  • And J Kaye's Book Blog isn't giving away a book, but giving away a $25 Amazon gift card. One for the U.S, one for Canada, and one internationally. That's a little bit awesome of her, wouldn't you say? Click HERE and look for the January giveaways to pick your area.
And there are even more giveaways that I've entered, which you can find on the right sidebar of my blog. You shouldn't have to scroll down far to see them.


  1. Wow, thanks for the heads up Wag! And congrats on your prizes, you lucky devil.

  2. Wow! Lots to read...make sure you keep us updated! :)

  3. Make sure you enter my giveaway too, Gef! And congrats on winning all those books!

  4. Sarah - I am a lucky devil sometimes. :)

    Akasha - Count on reviews for several of those books in the future. And if I win an e-reader, watch out.

    Celia - Ah, thanks for the heads up. I entered and added a link to my sidebar.