December 23, 2009

Wish List Wednesday #26: "Sandman Slim"

It never fails. The end of a year comes around, or in this case a decade, and lists proliferate the Internet. Most are inconsequential and of no interest to me, but one topic I am drawn to is reading lists. And io9 recently came up with a couple of really helpful lists of recommended reading. The list, from which I spied this title, dealt with books for fans of particular movies.

For fans of The Dark Knight, starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, io9 recommended a novel by Richard Kadrey called Sandman Slim. They mention this book because of its noir atmosphere, and two main characters butting heads in a city that may or may not deserve protecting. It's set in a real city (Los Angeles) instead of a glamorized or revisionist version, like Gotham City. And I'm not sure if io9 meant it figuratively or not, but the hero returns from Hell to protect the city. Whether the character is literally or symbolically from Hell, the book sounds like it could be an engaging read.

Have you heard of Richard Kadrey's work before? Is there another of his novels that I should keep an eye out for? Or maybe another novel that captures the atmosphere or tone of The Dark Knight? It was a damned good movie, after all.

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