December 16, 2009

Wish List Wednesday #25: "The Looking Glass Wars"

Oh wow, I just read a few of the reviews for this title on Good Reads. Talk about mixed. The most fanatic of fans to Lewis Carroll's classic work are relentless in their lambasting of Frank Beddor and his re-imagining of the Alice in Wonderland mythos. Venomous words from many who consider Wonderland sacred territory. Yet, there are other--less ardent--readers of The Looking Glass Wars who praise this book for its imaginative twist on the story. I think I might favor the opinions of the latter.

Turns out Alice was real, but her name was Alyss Heart. And after escaping Wonderland and the wrath of a Redd, she tells her tale to Lewis Carroll in hopes someone from Wonderland will come to her aid. Carroll fouls up the story and gets countless details wrong, so Alice is left to fend for herself. That is, until she's found by the Mad Hatter, her royal bodyguard named Hatter Madigan. Then things really get strange.

I'm a pretty open-minded guy, so I am willing to give this book a chance. Whether I'm willing to give the entire trilogy a chance, that'll depend on whether I enjoy the first book when I ever get around to reading it. I like revisionist fiction, re-imagining established worlds and characters, and skewed views of what we take for granted. Frank Beddor's work might be right up my alley ... or those Wonderland die-hards might not be so out of line after all.

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