December 9, 2009

Wish List Wednesday #24: "The Birthing House"

I enjoy a good ghost story, especially if it involves a haunted house. I also enjoy checking out debut novels of authors, as it gives me a chance to see how established writers got their feet wet, not to mention testing the waters with the new and up-and-comers of the literary world. Christopher Ransom seems to be one of the more recent authors to burst out of the gates with a novel that uses the familiar setting of a haunted house, yet finds a way to turn it on its head.

The premise sounds interesting in that it deals with a house once dedicated to sheltering young pregnant women during a time when their status among society was less than complimentary. So many haunted house tales deal with the subject of deaths in the house, while The Birthing House goes in the other direction--birth.

The book over the past year since being published, however, has received mixed reviews. For every positive statement I've read concerning this book, I've seen an equally negative one. Still, I'm a guy who likes to make up his own mind about a book. With the polarizing effect of Twilight, I eventually had to read that one for myself. The Birthing House may be in the same ballpark in terms of reader reaction, as people seem to love it or hate it, with few opinions in between. Besides, I feel there are two sides to this coin--maybe it was over-hyped by its publisher with a blurb saying it was the scariest novel since Stephen King's The Shining, but there are critics and reviewers out there that loathe anything and everything akin to Stephen King.

How about you? Have you read this book? Got an opinion on it?


  1. This meme is putting my wish list on overload! There's a copy at our library, so I'll be reading this one soon.

  2. I'll have to check my library again to see if there's a copy. I checked a month or more ago with no luck.