December 17, 2009

Wag the Blog #11: So That's Why He's Not All Comma'd Up

2009 marks the year I became a fan of Cormac McCarthy's writing, thanks to the superb novels, No Country for Old Men and The Road. John Hornor @ Bastardized Version, however, points out in comical fashion that it's not all that hard to mimic McCarthy's writing style.

Thanks to Josh Reynolds @ Hunting Monsters for this link. Realms of Fantasy Magazine has a snazzy new website--I missed the old, sad one entirely--and it looks clean and inviting. It also has a link in its editorial to a PDF of their most recent edition. Free reading material? I'll bite.

Horror World has a bit of short fiction up on their site too. Check out F. Paul Wilson's "Performance" if you've got a little time to kill.

All Things Horror's Holiday Gift Guide is full of gift-giving suggestions for the horror fan in your inner circle. What Lovecraft fan wouldn't kill to have a plush Cthulhu doll? Isn't he precious? He's the most adorable scourge of mankind I've ever seen. It's on my wish list.

Speaking of wish lists, if you're at a loss over what to put on your reading wish list through 2010, Liviu @ Fantasy Book Critic has you covered in a big, big way. A three-part list of Liviu's Anticipated 2010 Releases: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. Those three blog entries eclipse my entire Wish List Wednesday meme thus far. And a lot of those 2010 releases are going on my wish list, you betcha.

And when it comes to books, Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box is on my winter reading list, which is scheduled to be posted soon. But I already want to read his second novel, after reading the review for Horns on And Now the Screaming Starts.

If lists of holiday gifts and impending new releases aren't enough, it's the end of a decade, which means countdown lists are coming by the boatload this month. BJ-C @ Day of the Woman offers a list of her least favorite horror films of 2009. I've only seen part of one of those movies--The Uninvited was so bad, I just skipped to the end after twenty minutes or so--but I dare say she's spot on with nearly all on the list. I still want to see Antichrist, though.

On a more positive note, Charlie Jane Anders @ io9 offers up the 20 best science-fiction movies of the decade. I have quite a few of these movies queued at the library too, which should be good viewing through the winter. Slither, which is on the list, just missed the cut on my Fave Five lists for Sci-Fi Horror and Comedic Horror. It's a good movie, people. Also nice to see Charlie recognized Pitch Black and Serenity, as each were highly enjoyable movies for me.

Annalee Newitz @ io9 also has a list. Hers is the 20 best science-fiction novels of the decade. My reading wish list has stretch marks now.

I'm not familiar with Mike Hawthorne or his work, but some of the sketches he's been posting on this blog--brought to my attention via Brian Keene--make me wish I was. The man can draw. Simple as that.

Nerine Dorman @ Frightening Journeys has a great interview with John Everson, author of Covenant and more recently The 13th.

Hey, did you hear the joke about the author who got punched in the face by a border guard, then got arrested for allegedly assaulting said border guard--by headbutting the guy's fist, I assume. No? Oh, that's right. That's because it's no joke. Check out the blog of author, Peter Watts, for some clarity on that one. Just look for the blog entries tagged as Squidgate.

John Ottinger's Grasping for the Wind has been growing on me ever since I discovered it a couple months ago. While away on vacation, he let a few guest bloggers fill in. One of whom was Bill Ward with a trio of posts that I'm getting a kick out of reading. They're aptly titled Ramp Up Your Reading. The three installments are Expand Your Horizons, Do It Better, More and Faster. Now that I look at those subtitles, they may be more aptly applied to Tiger Woods' marital advice.

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