November 25, 2009

Wish List Wednesday #22: "The Demon's Lexicon"

Sarah Rees Brennan is an Irish lass who seems to have struck gold with this urban fantasy title. The most scathing review I've seen for The Demon's Lexicon on the blogosphere so far was, "I liked it." It should be noted that said reviewer may be associated with the Communist Party ... and hates puppies.

I guess what set this novel apart from some of the other titles I've seen come out this year in the same genre is the fact that the protagonists are male. What?! Blasphemy, and yet it's true. I'm not really proficient in urban fantasy, but I've lost count of the covers shown on book blogs that feature a young, strong woman brandishing a weapon and/or a "mean face."

There is a first impression from hearing the teaser for this book and likening it to the television show, Supernatural, with the two brothers in a world populated by demons. I'm sure Brennan creates her own world entirely and the story she's crafted doesn't resemble Supernatural in any other way beyond the superficial comparisons. I may be setting myself up by expecting a more action packed story than what's been written, but I am more than willing to give it a chance.

Have you read it yet? Is it on your wish list? What's your take on this novel?


  1. I loved it. But...I was expecting an angsty teen tale with gorgeous bad boy (this just from looking at the cover). I loved it BECAUSE I was surprised by the humor and darkness. It's a good read regardless, but expectations...they can make or break a book. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. It is a fantastic, beautifully written and extremely well-plotted book that's full of secrets, nuances, and a tough, challenging and mesmerizing main character. And it bears about as much resemblance to Supernatural as Breaking Dawn does to Rosemary's baby, that is to say none whatsoever despite sharing one or two plot conceits.

    Also I just want to add that the title is a fantastic title, one I'm surprised they let the author keep instead of making her go with something less complex. It gains meaning and resonance as you read. It really is a wonderful book.

  3. Celia - If it's got some good humor mixed in, all the better.

    Bookshop - Unlike Supernatural, eh? Ah well, that'd be asking too much I suppose. Still, I have my fingers crossed about enjoying the book.