November 12, 2009

A Contest Link: The Great Kindle II Giveaway

I'm still unclear about whether the Kindle is at all useful yet for Canadians, but I'm not going to pass up a chance to win one. And if you want a shot at winning one, just click on the link below to visit Bibliofreak and sign up. It's open internationally.

Join the Great Kindle II GiveAway!

Any Canadians out there who know the skinny on what we Canucks can do with Kindle, and not do, maybe you could leave a comment on this post to better educate me. In the meantime, throw your name in the hat.


  1. We can use it as a paperweight?

    The Kindle isn't available for Canadians yet, which I think is pretty silly since most of the other countries can use it. I'm guessing it can be shipped here but you can't access the Kindle store online, which makes it pretty useless.

  2. Thought so. Blast. Ah well. Maybe the winds of change will strike our shores in the new year.

    ... or Canada could remain behind the times in one more facet of cultural entertainment.

  3. I believe, though I'm not certain, that the Kindle II, which is what is offered in the give away, is supposed to be workable internationally.

  4. That's good news. Either way, I'm sure I'd find a use for it if I won. :)