October 1, 2009

Thursday Tidbits: "Leviathan" & "The Road"

I haven't read much in the steampunk department, but I'm getting excited about Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan. He's certainly been pimping it out well enough for the last while. Westerfeld's latest offering comes in the form of a handy .pdf document, filling us in on some of the lingo used in the novel and its universe. You can see what I'm talking about here.

I'm psyched with all of the hype surround the new film adaptation of The Road ... and I haven't even read the book yet--it's on my fall reading list. In the meantime, I see there's the trailer to keep me salivating. Click here if you want to see it.

ALSO: And Now the Screaming Starts has a giveaway going on right now for two comic books, The Saga of Solomon Kane and the added bonus of Solomon Kane: The Castle of the Devil. I'm ineligible since I'm not in the U.S--didn't stop me from hastily entering without reading the fine print--but the Americans who love comics should jump on this one.

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