October 20, 2009

A Halloween Read-Along

Halloween is so close you can almost taste it. Mmmm. Chocolate.

As one of the things to mark the occasion, through the week leading up to Halloween weekend, I'll be taking part in a read-along with two other bloggers, Bella and Stella.

What book are we reading and reviewing for the spookiest time of the year? Only a preeminent horror classic by Stephen King called The Shining.

Bella came up with the idea of reading the book at the same time to mark the occasion. She hasn't read it yet either--I assume the same of Stella--so we're all seeing it with fresh eyes. If you'd like to take part and read this book next week too, just let us know. There's always room for more. It could be like a one-shot book club.


  1. I'm so excited for this! I'm going to scare myself silly. If I'm brave enough I might rent the movie after I'm done!

  2. Oh, you should definitely rent the movie. It's a classic piece of film making. And the special effects are just dated enough, so that you might not be entirely scared out of your wits. Jack Nicholson's performance is spine-tingling, however.

  3. Oh.My.God. The Shining is one of my all time favorites of all King's books. Enjoy your read; you're in for a treat. Stephen King himself didn't actually like the movie version of his third novel: too much of the original story was altered, extra bits put in, key scenes taken out. Years later King helped to direct a TV series of the book which stuck to the true storyline. I loved the series much better than the film. Having said that, nobody can beat Jack Nicholson at playing crazy Jack Torrance.
    Here comes Johneeeee!! :D

  4. I recall the mini-series from back in the day. But, Stephen Weber is no Jack Nicholson. I did like that they used a mallet instead of an axe, as one of the things kept from the novel.