September 29, 2009

Writing Like Crazy in September 2009

I've got one submission ready to go this week for a zombie short story contest hosted by Dark Moon Books. The original deadline was scheduled for the end of this month, but they've extended it until the end of the year. That gives me some time to get it critiqued and polished just right.

I already have a piece of flash fiction called "Flower Girl" sitting in the Critters queue, so I should get some feedback on that in mid-October.

The next short story submission I'm finishing up is for the Dead Bells Anthology. I had a short story premise already in mind when I came across this one, which involves stories about people who wake up New Year's Day 2010 to find everyone else is dead. Not a zombie tale, but just stark dystopian fun.

In the meantime, there are a couple of new writing contests gearing up that I have added to my to-do list ...

Over at The Spectacle, they have an opening line contest going on for October. Write a scary three-sentence story opener and enter it for a chance to win a book and an online gift card at the end of the month ... just in time for Halloween.

Then I found out through Charlotte's Library about another contest hosted by the Literary Lab called "Genre Wars." Catchy.

"With Genre Wars, we want to celebrate all genres of writing. So, whether you write science-fiction/fantasy, horror/crime, literary, romance/women's fiction, children's literature/middle grade/young adult, or experimental, send in your work!"

I'm not sure what I have laying around that's within the 2,000 word limit, but I can always put one of the dormant ideas to use and come up with something new to submit. I have until December 1st to send something in. Plenty of time to procrastinate with. :)

As for my novel ... I'm editing again. Red pen duty. Ugh, so hard, so necessary. At least I still love the story. I just hope eventually that others will, too.


  1. Genre Wars looks mighty interesting.

  2. Doesn't it, though? I'm contemplating a try at a genre I haven't attempted before.