September 7, 2009

Writing Like Crazy: August '09

Summer is roaring by at supersonic speeds, and it's managed to hurl two tropical storms my way--I don't count Bill as a hurricane, since he only winged me. Despite the heat and humidity of August having almost fried my brain, I did get some writing done. But, man oh man, my brain cells are still sizzling. Bring on autumn, already.

Shadows of the Emerald City (Northern Frights Publishing, JW Schnarr as editor) accepted my short story submission, "Scarecrow's Sunrise." My first sale--WOOT--so I'm pleased as punch about that. The premise of the anthology sounded great when it was announced, and brought to my attention by Catherine J. Gardener's blog, The Poisoned Apple (Thanks for the heads up, Catherine). The book should be available for purchase in the fall of this year--I'll post updates on its availability as I receive them.

Mid-August saw me submitting three pieces of flash fiction into the Hint Fiction Contest. The open call for submissions came from Robert Swartwood on this one, with winning entries to be included in an anthology tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2010 by W.W. Norton. To write a story in twenty-five words or less was definitely a daunting task, but I wrung out three quick tales I liked and sent them out. Fingers crossed. I imagine the competition is stacked, as this was blogged about in several places.

The end of August was the deadline for entries for another flash fiction contest, this one for the 2009 Whispering Spirits Digital Magazine Revival. I had an idea about a ghost story based on an experience my sister told me about over the summer--not her own, but a friend's--but you know how it is. You start with a story going in one direction and then it veers onto a path you didn't even see until you were on it. The characters in the first draft disappeared entirely, and then a new batch showed up without warning. Now, with the story finished, it bears hardly any resemblance at all to the one I initially had in mind. It's still a ghost story, but far different and far darker than what I intended at the outset.

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline. I had it finished and ready to go on the night of the 27th, but couldn't get online in time to e-mail it. Crap. So, I'll likely end up just posting it here on the blog sometime this month. Goodness knows what September is going to bring. I have two submission deadlines at the end of the month, and I want to put my best foot forward on those short stories, too. I just hope I can get them out before the deadlines pass.


  1. Ooh, congratulations. That anthology is most definitely on my 'to buy' list.

  2. Thanks, Cate. Aside from the contributor's copy, I may have to order another one. I have a sneaking suspicion my mother will snatch mine and be parading it incessantly to all she comes across--she's like that.