September 23, 2009

Wish List Wednesday #13: "Pressure"

If J.A. Konrath says Jeff Strand's Pressure is one of the scariest novels he's ever read, I'm gonna pay attention. And if Shroud Magazine calls Strand's work "masterful," then I'd better have this novel on my wish list.

Were you ever been dared to steal something from your local drugstore when you were in high school? Maybe that rite of passage didn't make the cut in your neck of the woods, but we had it in mine. I stole a pen. Gangster. Well, Alex Fletcher (the protagonist of Pressure) steals a box of condoms. After which, he learns his parents want nothing to do with him, are fed up, and ship him off to a boarding school for outcasts and misfits. Ah, parenting. It's at the school, he makes a few friends and meets one especially serial-killer-in-training named Darren.

I didn't go to a boarding school, but while in college I had a crazy roommate--two, actually. So, I have a suspicion this book is going to appeal to me, and scare the bejesus out of me, on more than one level. Has anyone read Jeff Strand's work? I've heard he has a knack for blending horror and humor, exemplified by his novel Brandon's Parasite apparently. That's another title I'm on the look-out for.

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