September 16, 2009

Wish List Wednesday #12: "The Song of Kali"

Lauded by horror fans and authors alike as one of the very best novels ever written. Prior to a recent reissue, I guess this was a hard novel to find. Well, it still is for me. I believe this was Dan Simmons' first novel too, so I guess he knocked it out of the park on his first time at bat (in a published sense at least).

An American poet, with his Indian wife and baby, head to Calcutta, India. There, awaits an epic poem cycle of Kali. But the poet who write it has disappeared. This book won a World Fantasy Award, and that ain't not bad.

Now, all I have to be is stay patient and keep scrounging the shops until I can snag a copy. Or if I win the lottery ... then I'm going on a tear.

For now, I have Simmons' novels, A Winter Haunting and Children of the Night, sitting on my TBR pile. That will tide me over, and give me a sense as to what his writing is like. Has anyone read Kali? Does it stand up to the praise?

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