September 22, 2009

What About Jennifer's Personality?

Someone really needs to help me understand the supposed box office appeal of Megan Fox because I just don't buy it. And don't tell me it's because she's hot. I have eyes. I know full well how good she looks. What I have yet to see is anything else.

The last time I checked, Hollywood was brimming with gorgeous women looking to become famous actresses. Go into Tinseltown during midday, throw a stick, and you've got a 50/50 shot of smacking a wannabe starlet up side her head. Is that how Megan Fox was discovered? Because from what little I've seen of her acting ability, it can't be because she nailed the audition.

Now this is the point where people will wag a finger and tell me I'm being too cynical, that she's hardly the first person in Hollywood celebrated more for her looks than her talent. And those people are right for the most part. Remember the late nineties? When Denise Richards was on everyone's radar, appearing almost monthly on Maxim and FHM magazine covers, and starring is ever other teen-targeted movie? I do, and I also remember that she had one thing going for her ... well, two things is you want to be crude about it. Her most memorable role was in Wild Things, and that's solely because she did a topless threesome scene with Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell. Heck, remove Neve Campbell and it would have been forgettable.

When it comes to Megan Fox, however, she just appeared out of nowhere and instantly had a hype machine behind her. I don't think I've ever seen an actress thrust into the spotlight in spite of her abilities faster than her. It's a phenomenon all its own. Ever since the first Transformers debacle hit movie screens, Fox has been heralded as the "it" girl. A moniker that has been homogenized so flagrantly over the years, it hasn't meant anything since the year Heather Graham was named Hollywood's "it" girl following Boogie Nights--another movie made famous by sex scenes, so go figure. Unlike Graham, Fox's skyrocketing fame seems purely manufactured. With a single summer blockbuster that required only that she wear tight jeans and a tank-top, "the next Angelina Jolie" became the talk of the town. That's horse sh*t.

In a way, I kind of see how she was the perfect casting choice for Diablo Cody's sophomore flick, Jennifer's Body. I mean, who else is known exclusively for her physical beauty in movies than Megan Fox? Well, maybe Jessica Alba.

The thing that doesn't sit right me, I guess, is how I feel movie fans are being sold a bill of goods. Granted, movie fans also spend good money on bad movies--did I mention Transformers? I may be out of touch or have a selective memory, but movies used to require compelling actors who could carry a scene ... or at least carry a line. I see Megan Fox, who is emblematic of a disappointing direction in Hollywood's focus, and I see one more beautiful face without a thing to say.

Even Megan Fox tries to dispel the hoopla from time to time by saying she's not even sure she considers herself a good actress. Well, Megan, with all due respect, you are not a good actress. It's not that she's terrible, as there are some people on the silver screen so atrocious that there are arrest warrants for casting agents. But she is hardly a person without the chops to warrant such attention.

Time heals all wounds, though. She may improve over time if she takes herself seriously. Angelina Jolie did--maybe a little too seriously--and turned into a very talented actress. Then again, Lindsay Lohan showed a lot of potential, but ultimately crashed and burned through a shameful apathy towards her craft. Megan Fox is coming to a crossroads: Is she Angelina or Lindsay?

If I were a betting man, I'd lean towards Lindsay. Not the drunken, glassy eyed, cocaine fueled nosedive that Lindsay Lohan took, but more the smug, self-aggrandizing, overinflated sense of entitlement she exhibited. While I'm not buying the Megan Fox hype machine, she's the one who is surrounded by it and could easily start subscribing to it. All I can think is that she should enjoy the fame and the money while it lasts, because at this point it will only endure as long as her looks.


  1. Fabulous rant! I don't get it either. She was such a dud in Transformers.

  2. Transformers was a dud altogether, but she didn't help matters.

  3. This is the best post title. Ever. Yeah, I find the whole thing amusing, but also 1/2 sickening. She really can't act. She can't even hold a facial expression, and I;m not sure if that's because she forgets, or because she doesn't want to distort her face.