September 11, 2009

Wag the Blog #8: It's Only Stealing If You Get Smote

It's been about a month since I rolled this out, so allow me to offer a few more entertaining tidbits from my blogroll.

According to A Dark Planet, the most shoplifted item in America is a book. What book, you ask? You'll have to click on the link to find out. I wonder if mugging Jehovah's Witnesses ranks high ... because I'm tempted.

Oh, and also check out A Dark Planet's post featuring the dazzling prowess with the English language by protesters as they rail against President Obama and the threat of fewer people dying in America.

Jessica Faust, at BookEnds, LLC, goes over the whole subject of product placement in your fiction. I still wonder if I could get away with destroying a Wal-Mart in a novel ... probably not.

I found out via Bookshelves of Doom that Phillip Pullman is writing another book. Yay. Followers of this blog ought to know I hold the His Dark Materials trilogy in very high regard. So, what's he going to do to top that? Oh, nothing much. Just write a fictional tale of Jesus. Yeah, 'cause the Christians didn't despise him enough.

I don't have a device with which to read e-books--Canada can't even get the Kindle yet, so far as I know. Regardless, I'm a tad disappointed and not at all surprised to hear, thanks to Dead in the South, the U.S. Congress is looking to impose a ratings system on all things electronic. F@#king politicians.

Editors Unleashed posted their list of the 25 best writing-related blogs for 2009. Something tells me my blogroll will expand a little more when I get a chance to check some of these out. There are a few I'm already following, like J.A. Konrath's blog, agent Nathan Bransford's blog.

I haven't gotten into using a ratings system with the books I review and discuss on my blog, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. Jeff at Fantasy Book News & Reviews posted a thoughtful opinion rebutting the argument that not giving a numerical rating to a book is somehow a cop-out. Read it and you'll basically have my opinion on the matter summed up in better fashion.

I'm reading Tom Piccirilli's Night Class right now--liking it so far--and to keep in a Piccirilli mood, Ed Gorman posted an interview he did with the author concerning his new book, Shadow Season. Sounds good to me.

Not even the Arctic is safe from the scourge of the jellyfish. At least, that's what I get from reading Grim Reviews' post about a BBC Earth News article on the phenomenon. Oh, jellyfish, why won't you go extinct?

Curious if you might be dating a robot? Well, io9 has you covered.

If you're interested at all in Expressionism, specifically German Expressionism, and its relation to the horror genre, check out And Now the Screaming Starts for a guest blog entry by Zoe of Zoe in Wonderland. She had an intriguing guest entry earlier in the summer about gas-mask themed artwork, which was definitely one of the more memorable blog posts I've seen anywhere. Oddly enough, I don't have Zoe's blog on my blogroll yet, so I'll have to remedy that soon.

Over at Storytellers Unplugged, Mort Castle lets everyone know what he's up to. Here's a hint: He's got a new steel guitar now.

Vault of Horror rates their top ten horror movies of the 1960s. Of the ten, I've only seen four. Repulsion and The Haunting both sound like good late night watchin'. One day, perhaps.

The YA Highway has a funny blog post about writers calling agents rudely ... and Klondike bars. Mmmm. Klondike bars.

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  1. You've given us a couple of great (and funny) links here. Thanks!