September 25, 2009

Fave Five: Songs of the Summer

Summer's gone and I can't say I'm going to miss that heat and humidity. I'm hardly thrilled at the prospect of freezing my naughty bits off in the ungodly January cold, but I'm built like a polar bear. I can take the cold better than the hot.

And with summer go all of those summer hits on the radio. Sure, a few of them will still get airplay for weeks and months to come, but the race to have that quintessential summer track is over. Don't ask me who won though, as my tastes differ from the Billboard charts and Ryan Seacrest's countdown.

I will list my five favorite songs from this summer, just to put my two cents on what was enjoyable and less caustic to my eardrums than that insufferable Kid Rock anthem, "All Summer Long," from last year.

#5: "D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)" by Jay-Z - Like country music, rap music doesn't rate highly with me much of the time. But, like country music, there are a couple of artists that I can listen to and not grind my teeth in irritation. Jay-Z is one such artist, and this battle cry against the anabolic steroids of singing suited me just fine. If I have to hear one more song oozing with T-Pain, L'il Wayne, or whoever else insists on turning their voice into a synthesized abomination, I'm going to waterboard my radio.

#4: "The Last Recluse" by the Tragically Hip - Ah, the Hip. Some of their more recent releases have fallen flat with me--haven't really loved a Hip tune since "It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken"--but this one wreaked of the Canadian band I grew up on. Anyone reading this from south of the border likely doesn't have a clue who they are, so allow me to suggest you give them a listen if you get a chance. Just don't expect rock and roll in the strictest sense, as they're a little folksier than that.

#3: "Hoodoo" by the British Colombians - I have no idea who these guys are, or if they're even from British Columbia, but I love this song. I can't make out half the lyrics, but that's fine. The guitar rhythm entrances me. I first heard this song and envisioned the opening credits to a Guy Ritchie caper movie set in Canada. Whether you like Ritchie films or not, I'm unconcerned.

#2: "Boom" by Anjulie - This song may have hit the airwaves a little before the summer season, since her second single ("Jamba") is all over the place now, but it is so infectious that I can't get it out of my head. If nothing else, I'd have to say it's the sexiest song I've heard all summer.

#1: "She's A Genius" by Jet - Come to think of it, Jet's songs seem to sound more and more alike each time I listen to them. Mind you, they're not as great offenders on that front as Nickelback--possibly my least favorite band of the decade. Whether this song is reminiscent of "Cold Hard Bitch" or "Gonna Be My Girl" or anything else they've put out, I don't care. No song this summer infiltrated my senses more than this one. It grew on me like a parasite, I suppose you could say, because I did not care for it at all the very first time I heard it. Over time, and being bombarded with it by the incessant nature of pop radio, I came to like this song and then love it. Sue me.

A few other songs I've enjoyed listening to while at the computer or on the road: "Fire" by Kasabian; "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull; "Anything Except the Truth" by the Eagles of Death Metal; "I'm In Miami Trick" by LMAO.


  1. Ahhh the hip! Love them. The first thing my Canadian hubby taught me about Canadian music was the hip! They are so fabulous!

  2. Yeah, the Hip are like unofficial ambassadors of Canadian music. At least, I prefer them in that role as opposed to Celine Dion.