August 4, 2009

Writing Like Crazy in July '09

I meant to post this last week, but Blogger was being persnickety again. In any case, I've been getting along well with Critters, critiquing short stories and waiting anxiously for my story, "Rain Charmer," to make it's way through the queue. I'll be interested to see what folks think of it, and where it needs work the most.

As far as submissions go, I sent off my short story to the Dark Oz anthology. I believe Catherine Gardener was the one who posted about it on her blog. It interested me, so I ended up writing an origin tale of sorts for one of the characters. Fingers crossed on that one.

And, would you believe I never bothered sending in a submission to Esquire's short story contest? I just didn't like the idea of forfeiting all rights permanently to the contest's sponsor for the mere chance at winning the contest. That didn't sit right with me, especially after I came up with a story idea I particularly liked once I got into it. I think I'll be submitting it elsewhere this summer.

I didn't win the flash fiction contest over at Clarity of Night last month, but I had fun participating and the winners were all highly deserving.

CBC Radio has announced their annual writing contest for short stories, essays, and poetry. I may enter this one too, provided I can come up with something the CBC crowd might actually go for.

More deadlines coming up for submissions to various places at the end of this month. My night's will be filled with the clacking of keys. How's your writing life been treating you lately?