August 21, 2009

An Open Letter of Thanks to the Critters Workshop and Its Members

I had an inkling I had signed up with a good bunch of people, after searching for a couple of weeks for a spot to hitch my creative tent. Now I know for sure I made a good choice in joining the Critters Workshop.

This past week, I received my long awaited feedback for my short story, "Rain Charmer." Despite the rules of being civil and respectful to fellow writers, I hoped the folks who took the time to read my story would let loose on it with both barrels. I knew it needed refining, but wanted to hold off on doing anything to it until I got the opinions of fellow writers.

I'm very glad to see the people who did read it were civil, respectful, and kindly tore the story to shreds. The story had it coming, and now that it's been eviscerated, I can see the bits that need to go and the bits that need to be added. Thank you, to everyone who threw in their two cents on how this story worked, and more importantly where it didn't work. A couple of things I had suspected from the start were pointed out by many. And I was even more pleased to see light shed on pieces of the story I didn't know needed to be addressed. All of the critiques are indispensable and I appreciate all of them.

Man, I wish I'd joined sooner.At least I'm a member now.


  1. I send stories out to crit partners on far less occasions than I should. I need to do something like that. Congrats on the constructive advice.

  2. I fell behind last week on doing my critiques, so I'm hoping I can catch up this weekend.