July 15, 2009

Wish List Wednesday #3: "Gods Behaving Badly"

I read a review for this book last year, I think it was in the Books section of the Globe & Mail. In any case, I liked the sound of it and meant to add it to my wish list. For some reason I never did, though. Then, I spied a mini-review for it in the local county newsletter—those things are on every shop counter in town and are basically a double-folded piece of paper with what's happening for the next couple of weeks. After seeing the blurb about this book, I made sure to add it to my wish list.

It's modern day London, and the Greek gods are shacked up in a rundown house, complete with a laurel wreath doorknocker. Aphrodite makes ends meet by working as a phone sex operator; Dionysus runs a night club; and Apollo is a lower-tier celebrity. While following the lives of these dethroned gods could be interesting on it's own, Phillips uses two mere mortals as the windows into their world. Alice is a meek and mild house cleaner, hired to keep the discheveled house from falling apart. Then there's Neil, who is in love with Alice. And that's where the drama builds because Apollo falls in love with Alice too, after taking an inadvertent hit from one of Eros' arrows.

I doubt it will overtake Neil Gaiman's American Gods as one of my favorites, but the premise sounds interesting enough to at least give it a chance.


  1. I agree that this sounds interesting, especially speaking as a fellow Neil Gaiman fan. I think I read the back cover blurb at the bookstore a few months back, but already had a pile of books in my hands...

    Will add it to my wishlist, though. I'll be looking forward to your review! (whenever you get to it)

  2. Mmm. Getting to it will be the challenge. :)