July 8, 2009

Wish List Wednesday #2: "Battle Royale"

According to Steph Su Reads, this is a "supposedly grislier and more gruesome" novel than Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games. Yes, please.

It was a best-seller in Japan, and if there's an English translation floating about, I imagine it did respectable numbers as well. I've read so very few novels from overseas writers, and never one from Japan. That country sure knows how to crank up the "creepy" factor in their horror films, so I have my fingers crossed that their literature is comparable.

To read the pitch for it, it sounds like an amped-up Lord of the Flies with a dash of The Running Man. Those are two books I liked, and if it's compared to Hunger Games—another title I have my eye on—this book could be a very enjoyable read.

How about you? Read it? Not your cup of tea?

Steph even posted a review of the book recently, which you can read HERE.


  1. There is an English translation the original novel from VIZ and a translation of the manga series by TokyoPop.

    The novel is fast, grisly pulp action handled well enough to grab you. The manga I gave up on.

  2. I actually just received the English translation from my local library the other day. Hope it's good.

    I didn't even know there was manga. Neat.