July 18, 2009

Why Do Earwigs Exist?

If all of God's creatures have a useful purpose—a rightful place, as it were—on this planet, then someone please explain to me just what the hell kind of purpose God had in mind for the earwig.

A lot of bugs, insects, and creepy crawly things I can handle. There is a short-list, however, of some critters that I very much dislike. Near the top of the list is the earwig. I grew up in a rural area where the little bastards would seek shelter in whatever damp, dark nook the house or barns had to offer. I still remember heading out to the shed for an armload of firewood, only to lift a piece and find a small nesting of the things bundled up like in a writhing swarm. Blargh!

I'm not a big fan of bees, but they have a purpose. Mosquitoes annoy the heck out of me, but they even serve a purpose. But what in the blue hell does an earwig do besides gross me out?

I only rant about them like this since a couple of weeks of sporadic showers have brought the things into the house. I have killed well over twenty of them in the kitchen over the past week. I even had to get a new toothbrush when I found two squirming on my old one when I went to brush my teeth one night. I wanted to fumigate the entire block after that visual image burned into my mind.

Kill 'em all.


  1. I feel the same way about roaches. Ergh!

  2. I shall have to wiki an earwig, as I'm not sure what they are!!!

    But I hear you. I moved from Australia to Canada and I was so glad to get away from all the bugs, toads, snakes and creepy-crawlies! eeek.

    P.S. Love the new banner, looks great :)

  3. That sounds like about the worst thing ever. I actually can't picture what an earwig looks like, but I can see why you hate them.

    Especially the little bugger who got on your toothbrush.

  4. Here's a pic to check out, if you're unfamiliar with earwigs. Imagine a little critter about an inch long and ugly as sin.


  5. THOUSAND LEGGERS are much, much worse!

  6. Earwigs are baddies, as are roaches and potato bugs...But recently I have found the topper for that list in a bug that has seemed to hop a boat and infiltrate No. America from So. America. It is called the House Centipede. But it desn't look like the grden variety i was familar with as a child. This sucker is scary ! For one thing it's bigger has huge antennae, and scuttles VERY fast, instead of winding along like the usual of its kind. Look it up and prepare to cringe! Oh , and it bites. So there's that.

  7. EW. Those things are nasty, all right, and the YouTube vids of insect death matches aren't gonna help me sleep at night.