July 16, 2009

Wag the Blog #4: This Wine Tastes Funny

In case anyone is interested in reading some flash fiction, The Clarity of Night is conducting a fun contest this week called "In Vino Veritas." I entered (entry #119 for the curious) and there are a ton of great entries I'm competing against. I've had a chance to read a few of them, and you are going to be entertained by so many. I have until Monday night to cast my participant vote in the Reader's Choice--not an easy task given what I've had the pleasure of reading so far. I'll probably end up waiting until the last minute before making a choice.

I subscribe to Film Fetish via e-mail, and I just read today that one of my favorite novels by Stephen King, Cell, is going to be made into a television mini-series, as reported by Fangoria. Some folks call this novel a poor man's Stand, but I could care less as I'm less jaded on the novel and consider it one of my very favorites. I'm cautiously optimistic about the mini-series.

I came across a reading list—a "Must Have List"—written by author Nate Kenyon, over at Horror Fiction News. The titles listed by Nate are some humdingers. I had a chance to read a few of them (Dracula, Rosemary's Baby, Frankenstein, and I Am Legend), and I see a couple more which are currently sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read (The Girl Next Door and The Road). Every other book he lists is basically on my wish list, though I haven't heard tell of William Gibson's Neuromancer—onto the wish list it goes.

Literary agent, Nathan Bransford, hosted a Guest Blog Week during the first week of July. The one that stuck out for me was posted by Jordan McCullum, titled "The Top 7 Things Every Aspiring Author's Website Must Have." Hey, I'm one of those—the aspiring thing. I'm a ways off from creating an entire site, as I'm keeping my online presence busy just maintaining a single blog. One of these days. In any case, this is good advice for all wordsmiths with hopes and dreams.

Kelly at The Novel Bookworm has a new feature on her blog called Books You've Just Gotta Read. The first entry comes from Jill at Rhapsody in Books. I can't say I'm interested in reading the novel spotlighted, but I do like the title. A little generic, perhaps, but it does jump out at you.

Catherine Gardner at The Poisoned Apple is holding a contest that ends this coming Sunday. One of her stories, "Trench Foot," was recently published with Fantasy Magazine. To celebrate, she's holding a little contest where winners will receive Pirate/Fairy gift packs, and the grand prize winner gets a choice of one of three books. It's good stuff, people. Go check it out.

A recent blog I stumbled across, The Horror Geek has informed me of yet another zombie movie coming down the pipe. Gatekeeper is set to be an "American answer to Shaun of the Dead." That quote might turn me off entirely, but when the Horror Geek says that Ron "Frikkin'" Perlman is in it, I'm less pessimistic, and a Judge Reinhold appearance ups the W-T-F factor.

Dang, I forget which blog pointed me towards this tiny gem—maybe Guide to Literary Agents?--but it's worth a look-see by any writers addicted to prompts. Writer's Digest's latest blog, Promptly, is written by Zachary Petit and gives readers a writing prompt every other day. It's a competition of sorts, where submitters have a chance at winning some swag at the end of the week. I may have to give this a shot sometime soon.

Horror and Fantasy Book Review has a guest blog this week by Donna Lea Simpson, author of Lady Anne and the Ghost's Revenge—cool title, right? Anyway, her blog entry is titled, "Writing the Paranormal – The Difficulties of World Building." I think horror and fantasy fans, especially aspiring authors, could do well by giving it a read.

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