July 7, 2009

Is It Me Or Is Blogger Is Glitchy?

Maybe there's something I'm doing wrong. I doubt it, though.

Since I don't have Internet at home, I have to write my blog entries ahead of time and then add each entry when I get online at a C@P site or some other public access portal. That way, I can schedule my entries in a staggered progression throughout the next week or two . But, for some reason, Blogger hasn't been posting my scheduled entries. It's been happening quite a bit for the past month.

I usually schedule the entry to be posted at around noon on whichever day it's supposed to go up, but when I check back in to my Blogger Dashboard, the entries are still unpublished, even though the date clearly shows they should have gone online. Just the other day, I got online to see my Ghost Walk book review and the podcast blog entry hadn't gone up yet, even though they the scheduled publish dates showed they should have. It's a little aggravating, to say the least.

I'll see what I can find out about this glitch through Blogger's Help section, but if any readers and fellow bloggers are familiar with this hang-up and can give me some advice, I'd surely appreciate it.


  1. no, it's not just you. i've heard of several bloggers who've had trouble with Blogger. my browser and Blogger aren't getting along either, now that i think about it...

  2. Well, at least it's not just me. Misery loves company.