July 3, 2009

I'm On The Hunt For Some Podcasts

I don't own an iPod, and it is seriously doubtful I ever will. I have a $30 generic brand MP3 player that works just fine, thank you very much. If Apple wants me to fork over triple that amount for one of equal caliber, but with their nifty logo plastered on it, they're going to have to point a gun at me and take it. People piss and moan about Microsoft being a soul-sucking, heartless corporation, but what the hell is Apple if not a soul-sucking, heartless corporation ... only smaller. And just try to make me buy an iPhone.

There. Got that out of my system. Now, I need to download some podcasts to fill my not-iPod. I have a cache of writing related podcasts already stored away on a DVD, but I'm looking for some more. Michael A. Stackpole's "The Secrets" was been a good listen. So has "The Writing Show." Right now, however, I'm looking to score some author interviews to listen to. They're always good for a bit of inspiration and motivation.

For now, I have my sights set on "Pod of Horror," "Diabolical Radio" (where I recently downloaded an interview with Brian Keene via Keene's site), and Dread Media (got a good Jack Ketchum interview from there last year). There are some other places I want to check out, but first things first.

Anybody have some recommendations on quality podcasts? Or maybe something entertaining or out of the ordinary I should be listening to?

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