July 21, 2009

Identity Theft Chat's Kindle Contest: Entry #1 (Wheelchair Antics)

I want an Amazon Kindle. Why? Because it's about the only way I'm going to read e-books that are longer than a novella. I'm the kind of guy who isn't keen on staring at a computer screen longer than necessary. I write at my computer, and believe me, I can go bleary eyed doing that.

So, Identity Theft Chat is hosting a contest this month where a winner will be randomly drawn to win an Amazon Kindle 2. I'm in. And to enter I need to read one of their many horror stories about identity theft, then blog about it, then link it to them. Here's what I saw on their site ...

Wheelchair Antics

All this guy wanted to do was rent a wheelchair for his grandmother-in-law while in Vegas. Later, he gets a call from his credit card company inquiring about a strange purchase at a Home Depot in St. Louis: $6,000 worth of gift cards.

What the what?! Okay, unless you're opening a gift card shop, why would you buy more than one, let alone a number necessitating a charge of six grand? Like the victim of fraud here, I'd have had a danged coronary.

And how low do you have to be to commit the fraud after renting a guy a wheelchair for an elderly old lady? That's some dirty pool, that is.

Note: Check out the link HERE to get details on the Kindle contest. Maybe you'll want to join too.


  1. nudder one canuck... hiya fox!

    that's some really dirty pool you posted about :(

  2. Hey, Wolf. Ain't it, though. I may not have much of an identity to steal, myself, but I shudder at the thought of some crook doing it.