July 16, 2009

Critters Workshop

In an effort to get some feedback for my writing, I've decided to join the Critters Writers Workshop. I rarely get an opportunity to attend in-person workshops, and when I do I am the only one in the group who writes horror. Since Critters focuses on horror, science-fiction, and fantasy, I should at least have the chance to get feedback from people who have an appreciation for the genre, rather than a kindly six pack of elderly women working on their memoirs.

While they do offer some help with regards to people writing novels, the majority of the work being put in for critiquing ranges from flash fiction to novellas—most fitting in the short story range. Since, I want to increase the quality in writing for my short stories, this looks like a good venue to use to accomplish that. In the meantime, I'll have to be content with finding feedback on my novel through other means.

I remember a workshop of sorts, which I belonged to years ago, but it was done entirely through e-mail and everyone was given writing prompts and exercises, rather than presenting their own original work. I didn't last long in that setting. I'm hopeful I'll make some headway using Critters as a resource.


  1. There used to be a fantastic online site called 'Writers Dock' and I learned so much by posting my stories there. Hope you enjoy the group.

  2. I sent my first critiques earlier this week. So far so good. I submitted "Rain Charmer" for review and that's due back to me in mid-August.

    Thanks for the heads-up about "Writer's Dock." I'll check that out today.

  3. I tried Critters workshop some years back. The problem with them? They just don't offer the option of part-time involvement. I spent so much time doing critiques just to keep my membership active that I didn't have any time to do any of my own writing --- and for that matter, tons of other stuff in my daily life that I just needed to do.

    I'd happily make the trade-off of doing fewer critiques a week in order to have to wait longer between times that I can do my own submission --- but the Critters workshop doesn't offer that option. If you are only able to do a partial portion of the amount of critiquing they ask for, they don't make you wait longer before you can make your own submissions --- rather they consider you "inactive" and won't let you do any submissions at all.

    Would have been a wonderful thing --- if only they offered a bit more flexibility for those of us who's time is very limited.

  4. I actually dropped out of Critters a while back too, Sophia. For the same reason. Things just became too much of a time-suck for me.

    I'm still looking for a workshop that is a little more forgiving with the participation rate.