June 25, 2009

Writing Like Crazy in June '09

I finally got a response back from my second short-story submission. Rejected. It comes with the territory, but it's still disappointing. I like the story, and I think it's worth publishing, but so far I'm alone in that opinion. A problem comes from the fact that I'm the only one casting eyes on it before I send it to publications for consideration. Chances are entirely likely there's something in the story holding it back, and I just can't see it because I'm too involved. I think I'll put it up for an online critique with one of the message boards I'm registered with. Maybe I'll get a better handle on where the story is at, once I hear some varying opinions on it beyond, "It's just not what we're looking for at this time."

My Shadows of the Emerald City short story is nearing completion. Whether it fits in with what the editor wants for his anthology, that'll be up to him. I did enjoy writing an origin story (of sorts) for the Scarecrow, though.

I'm still only halfway through my first draft of "An Insurrection" for the Esquire Fiction Contest. Once I'm finished with "The Scarecrow," I'll have to focus in on this one and get it shipped out. And thank goodness for online submissions, I'd be beyond broke if I was paying postage for all of these submissions and entries.


  1. Good luck with your submission. Yeah, getting a critique group is a good idea. I can't tell you the number of things I look over that my group catches.

    I like your blog. I'm going to add you to my links.

  2. Critique groups are priceless. However, saying that, just because a piece has been rejected twice (or eight times) it doesn't mean there's a problem with it, it could be that it wasn't suitable for the market.

  3. Good luck. And sorry to hear about the rejection. The early ones are always the hardest. By the sixtieth, you barely notice, trust me.

  4. onipar - That's my thing with the proofreading--I can pour over the words all day long and I'll still miss something. And, thanks for the linky. :)

    Catherine - True, two rejections is a meager sum. And, highly reputable publications at that. So, it may be more discriminating tastes on their part. Still, I'm the only one who has read the story, so someone else's eyes couldn't hurt.

    Josh - The sixtieth. Yeah. I think I'll have to buy myself a little gift after #50. :)

  5. Every writer - despite what they might want you to believe - get rejections. Even our great writers of today have been rejected a many times before managing to get into print. I look at it like this: every rejection is a step nearer to being published. I've lost count of the times my stories have been rejected; stories that I loved (still love) and think deserve to be read. I have had a couple of short stories accepted and the feeling from those few times far out-weighs the rejections.

    Just keep sending that stuff off.... ;)

  6. Oh, you can count on that. I received my first bit of feedback on it. Main concern expressed was length, as the story tops out around 4,000 words, almost. Originally, I wanted it between 3,000-4,000, but it is likely I'll have to parse it down to get closer to the 3,000 mark.