June 22, 2009

Wag The Blog #3: It's In Revelations, People!

Came across quite a few interesting articles and blog posts over the last couple of weeks. Everything from news that there is a movie in development based on Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instruments" series, to an author's tale of nearly being arrested for researching a novel, all the way to raining tadpoles—yes, you read that right. Enjoy.

Jenny at Wonderous Reads posted about an article from SciFiWire concerning the news that Cassandra Clare's City of Bones could be a motion picture in the near future. I am optimistic about this. The book came off as very cinematic as I read it, and I think the story and vibe of the whole universe would translate well to film. The big questions, though, are: Who will direct? Who will star? And can it compete with Twilight?

Author, Ed Gorman, provoked me into adding yet another title to my wish list when he gave his thoughts on one of his favorite vampire novels. Live Girls sounds like the kind of story that would put just about every new vampire story to shame. I'm gonna have to see what else I can find out about this novel and it's author.

As an aspiring author, I make mistakes. And I make my fair share. Well, Suzette Sexton posted a great list over at Querty Tracker of mistakes writers make. It's a very good read, and I think I've committed each of these in some form or another in my drafts. It's originally from editor, Pat Holt, who has her own blog here. I'll be checking that blog out this week.

Speaking of writing, research can be a pain in the behind sometimes. I usually groan about it when there's something particularly obscure I'm trying to find, or something so regional that I really need to know where to look. But that's mild peevishness compared to nearly getting hauled off to jail. Tess Gerritsen posted a funny story, about her close call with the law, in an entry on Murderati.

Even more writing related stuff. Bella at A Bibkiophile's Bookshelf has a recurring blog category called Around The Web, which gives assorted anecdotes about authors and writing. The 20th one is one I especially liked because it showed what an accomplished author's—Jime Hines is his name—second draft looks like. It's not pristine, and it's not pretty. It looks inspiringly like my second drafts. It's always nice to see how the pros do it.

Ever heard of Neil Gaiman? Good, then I don't need to explain. In case you didn't know, he has a blog and it's magnificent. The latest jawdropper he shared comes from the northwest of America where some wingnuts sued for the rights to burn a library book because it offended their hyper-religious sensibilities. Ugh. There's also a link to the Guardian's take on it. I feel guilty if I get a coffee stain on a single page of a library book, and those neanderthals want to be able to burn them? Sometimes I hate people.

Curt Purcell, over at The Groovy Age of Horror, has a series of posts about "torture porn." You know the stuff. Movies like Hostel, Saw, and a dozen other copycats. I'm not a big fan of the subgenre, aside from Saw, but Curt isn't either and he takes the time to really explore it's merits and demerits. Whether you're a fan or not of that kind of horror, I'd say these posts are worth a read for a more thoughtful perspective on it.

Josh at Hunting Monsters just made me aware of radioactive wasps. Thanks, Josh. Like I wasn't paranoid enough about the world going to heck in a handbasket. Good lord. I think I need to build a bunker. But first, I'll have to read those three articles you linked to.

Io9 is a great site/blog with numerous articles that I find thought-provoking and, at times, mind-numbing. The latest one to snag my synapses was this post about Japan experiencing raining tadpoles. Tadpoles, along with small fish, have rained from the sky on more than one location in the country. Are you kucking fidding me?! I'd dimiss it as pure hoax if not for the fact that several blogs have been reporting about it, and now io9 points out the mainstream media like the Guardian have reported on the phenomena. That's some messed up mother nature, right there.

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