June 4, 2009

At The Library

I can't remember the last time I came to my local library. Probably because it's hours are so sporadic. At any rate, I've managed to find another John Farris novel, The Fury and the Terror, so I'll be reading that soon with my fingers crossed--Phantom Nights was underwhelming.

I'm also on the hunt for a Don Westlake novel, written under the handle of "Stark", called The Hunter. I got put on the scent of that book by an e-mail from a Westlake admirer at The Rap Sheet. Thanks, Cameron.

I also received my Richard Laymon Collection Volume 18 from Ty Schwamberger, which I won in a contest. Yay. Thanks, Ty. I look forward to reading that very soon.

There's some new book contests on the right hand side of this blog, so check those out.

And, now I must leave this library, and do some writing of my own.

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