May 17, 2009

Under Review

I've never considered myself much of a critic. Opinionated, sure, but a critic? As far as Wagging The Fox goes, it's still in it's infancy and I'm always wondering as I write an entry what direction I want to take it in. As an aspiring author, I find it a little ridiculous to use a blog to promote myself when I have no published works towards which to direct potential readers. I'm also using an online handle instead of my real name, so it would be all the more ludicrous unless I became more open to taking off the proverbial mask. As a commentator on pop culture, I'm simply one more small voice in a very loud crowd, drowned out by those who are more ingrained with the current trends. I could create a fan site of sorts, dedicated to one of my favorite writers, but there are so many of those in existence already. I doubt it would be a productive use of my time to publicly worship the work of others when I ought to be writing my own.

A few book reviews might be manageable, though. I'm constantly reading and should be able to give some kind of opinion of my favorite novels and the most recent ones I've read. The one problem with turning a chunk of this blog into a book review is that I rarely have opportunities to read the most recent titles on bookshelves. When so many of the book blogs and sites deal with reviewing the current and upcoming releases, my attempts would appear severely dated.

John Marco's Starfinder is quite new, however, and after winning a signed copy from the author himself via Kimberly Swan's Darque Review, I am tearing through it with rapidity. If nothing else, I will be able to write at least one book review on a title released in 2009. The exercise could do double-duty,even, acting as one more review for a fantasy novel and also as an example of my reviewing style ... assuming I have one. So sometime in the week I'll sit down in front of the old clunker and mash out a review for an actual new release.

In the meantime, a few of the blogs I frequent have reviews of their own posted already for Starfinder. You can read those at Bookgasm ... Darque Reviews ... and Mrs. Magoo Reads.


  1. Building a platform before you're published is no bad thing. When you do have something published you should already have some people to point to it! Using your real name is a good idea though, even if it's simply making your real name clear on this site somewhere.

  2. Thanks for the reassurance, Alan. I imagine I'll pull back the veil soon enough this summer, published or not.