May 4, 2009


Well, my first official rejection is in the books. Though hopeful of having my short story accepted, I aimed high and maintained a realistic expectation as an as-yet unpublished writer. No worries. I'll merely find another publisher on my hitlist that matches up with the tone of the story.

For now, since I'm online for what may be the only time for the next couple of weeks, I'm off to scrounge the blogoshere to see what I can download and read at home. Maybe there's even a couple more contests to enter for a shot at a free book.

Like this contest, which ends this week over at Wondrous Reads. And, another at Readaholic. Oh, and Pop Culture Junkie has a contest happening right now too. There's also a new contest going on at Addicted To Books. And, if that isn't enough, Books By Their Cover has a HUGE giveaway contest going on that I couldn't resist entering.

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