May 15, 2009

Not Since I Was A Kid

I ate a banana split for dessert tonight . I didn't need it, as my waistline will attest, but I haven't had one since I was a tween. I guess there was some point in my teen years when fruit and ice-cream were segregated—Dairy Queen's strawberry Blizzards don't count, and it's been years since I've had one of those too.

The idea for it just came by chance when I noticed the kitchen was supplied with ice-cream, bananas, and whipped cream—no chopped peanuts, I'm afraid. There have been plenty of instances, I'm sure, when those ingredients have been in supply simultaneously in the past, yet I never considered combining them until tonight.

FYI: It was gooood.

Are there any childhood treats you haven't had since you were in your formative years? I wonder if I could still stomach peanut butter and sardine crackers? ... Don't ask.

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