May 5, 2009

Mystery Solved

After receiving my first official rejection for my first submitted short story, I thought it best to reread it to be sure it was in pristine condition for submission before I sent it off to the next periodical. And, it's a damned good thing I did. I swear on a stack of bibles, the story was the best I could make it. It was ready.

No, no it wasn't. Another lesson on this long road towards publication came in the form of more than one typo, and an egregious formatting error. Oy vey. Talk about making a great first impression. Well, I've gone over the entire story twice more and have cured it of it's technical ills. I'll send it out this week to it's second target and pray for the best.

It grates on me, though. I forgive myself for the plethora of mistakes I make during the rough drafts because they are, after all, rough drafts. They're supposed to be riddled with mistakes, since I'm focusing on getting the story on the page and can refine it later. No editing on the fly. I made that mistake with a few chapters of my horror novel, while writing the rough draft of that.

For the Esquire Fiction Short Story Contest, I have a general idea in mind for the "An Insurrection" title. Plenty of time to flesh it out, but I will need to do something with it this weekend—a simple outline perhaps—as the deadline in August 1st.

Not only that, but I'm also planning on creating a short story to submit for an anthology based on
The Wizard of Oz. I first caught wind of it on Catherine Gardner's The Poisoned Apple. The submission deadline is July 31st. I actually had an idea for an Oz story around Christmas time, but it was more of a re-imagining than an original tale based in the universe of Oz. So, I'll need to think up something a little different, and my first pangs of an idea involve the Straw Man. It may work.

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