May 3, 2009

Marauding the Bookstores Again

After getting another batch of books from my sister, the majority of which I would never read (gardening and pregnancy books for the most part), I decided it was time to hit up the local used-book stores to see what there was to see. With wish list in hand, I spent the weekend visiting the three closest—my usual haunts for books.

Between the three stores, I must have racked up about fifty dollars in credit. Hooray. And, while I didn't spot a single title from my list in any of the stores, I did manage to snag a few titles that grabbed my attention.

Zombies are all the rage these days, so when I saw
Monster Nation, by David Wellington, sitting on the shelf I figured I'd add it to my shelf. It's apparently the second book in a trilogy; the first being Monster Island and the last, Monster Planet. I haven't heard of the author before, but that's part of the appeal with me, since I want to see some of the newcomers and their writing to coincide with the mainstays I've been reading.

Speaking of established writers, I've been on the lookout for Fritz Leiber's
Conjure Wife for some time now. I did, however, see a Leiber title for the first time in my travels. It's called Gather, Darkness! With a title like that, I couldn't resist ... especially since it cost me a single dollar.

At my second shop, I found Kelley Armstrong's
Broken, which is the third novel in her werewolf series. I've been searching for a great werewolf novel, and decided I'd add it to the shelf. Who knows? I might find the first two titles in the series before I get around to reading Broken.

Then, I found a novel called
Phantom Nights by Jonathan Farris at my third and final shop. This is proof-positive I need to expand my reading list beyond my favorites. I've never heard of Farris, but he's got quite the bibliography to date, and Dean Koontz and Stephen King both had complimentary words on the book jacket, so I didn't even bother to read the logline. I just bought it. Can those quips on the cover sell a novel? Well, those two did.

So, I'll wait a few more weeks and then do the rounds again to see what titles I'll come across to spend my remaining credit on. I've got a huge wish list with about forty titles at the moment. I'm patient though, as I have double that sitting on my book shelf with novels I've collected via exchange credit.

A few titles on my wish list:
Bitten by Kelley Armstrong; World War Z by Max Brooks; The Hunger Games by Stephanie Connor; Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris; The Ax by Donald E. Westlake.

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