May 25, 2009

Blogroll Roundup II: Bride of Blogroll

The last couple of weeks have brought me some entertaining tidbits. I thought I'd share a few of them.

- Neil Gaiman has posted a couple of interesting blog entries. This one refers to the insidiously high number of people voicing their outrage against stem cell research. Actually, to be more accurate, the appallingly low number of people voicing their support for stem cell research. If you want the record to reflect an accurate portrayal of the public's views on this issue, you might want to consider getting your ass in gear and throwing in your two cents worth … especially if you are in favor of such research. I am, and I will.

- Gaiman also had this one, which was an amusing take on a fantasy reader's concerns over how long it's taking G.R.R. Martin to put out his next novel in the "Song of Ice and Fire" series. He put it rather eloquantly and plainly to the young fan ... "George R.R. Martin is not your bitch."

- Another of my favorite authors, Stephen King, has offered his picks for a summer reading list over at Entertainment Weekly Online.

- Hell Notes is reporting that there is a writing contest going on for unpublished horror authors—wait a tick, I'm one of those. The name of the contest is "Fresh Blood" and the winner will receive a contract for paperback publication in Leisure Book's 2011 line-up. Not only that, but ChiZine Publications will give a contract for a limited edition hardcover release that same year. The whole contest is being organized by Leisure Books, ChiZine Magazine, and Rue Morgue Magazine.

God, I'm tempted to enter that. The deadline is September 30, so there's time, but they want the manuscript to be between 80,000 and 90,000 words, which is well above where my manuscript is currently sitting. Either I would have to shave it down a lot or come up with a brand-new, finished manuscript before the deadline. Four months to write a ready-to-go novel? The odds of me accomplishing something like that are questionable at best.

- Joe Moore posted a very good article over at The Kill Zone, here, about Kurt Vonnegut's "eight rules for writing fiction", specifically how a writer should start writing his story as close to the end as possible. I've only read a couple of Vonnegut's books, but his talent is undeniable and how he writes is as entertaining as what he writes. Moore's ponderings on the subject of "rule #5" are insightful and worth a look-see.

- I have the song, "Don't Stop Believing'," by Journey stuck in my head now thanks to these two blog posts from Bookgasm and Writing It Out. Could've been worse. Could've been something by Styxx.

- Pub Rants posted a cool little link over a week ago to a site I'd never heard of: Market Leap. This blog o' mine isn't exactly up to snuff yet, but when it is I'll have to remember this site to monitor my popularity. I might actually be popular one day. Yahoo.

- And finally, I can't recall exactly where this blog came to my attention, but the new Writer's Forensics Blog started this month and I think it's going to be on my blogroll for quite some time. It's got some great posts in it's infancy, particularly the one about cell phone tapping. Check it out.


  1. Eek! That Leisure Books competition may be the incentive I need to fix one of my old manuscripts.

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