April 29, 2009

Tinkering and Puttering

I found a new template for this blog. The last one was alright, but it was a bugger to edit, and this new one looks to be right up my alley--simple and elegant. Well, I may not be so elegant, but at least I'm simple.

I found yet another book contest over at Fantastic Book Review. Actually, there are six books up for grabs in six separate contests. There's only another week or so left in the contest, so if you like free books then you may want to click here. And, during my browsing of the blog, I've discovered an even more recent contest here with even more books to be won. Yay books!

I sent out my first short story for consideration with a periodical. The trickiest part was finding an appropriate publisher. It's not straight horror, but I wouldn't classify it as fantasy. It's more of a dark tale of terror than anything else, so I had to find a periodical with a penchant for stories like that. I think I've picked out a good one, as they've got some short stories on their site which follow a similar vein to mine. Next ... the waiting game. Fingers crossed.

While that story is off on it's first journey, it's time to get another one set to ship out. I've got a couple sitting on my computer in the mid-stage I have had fun writing, but I want to give them each another draft before I think about submitting them. It's a bugger when you think a story is good enough to submit, then see the tiniest thing that ruins it for your eyes ... and you start wondering how an editor would react.

Speaking of contests earlier, I found yet another one on Ty Schwamberger's blog for a chance to win a book by Richard Laymon. Horror fans may want to check this one out. Click here.


  1. Thanks. I'll need it. :) At least I got "my first" out of the way.

    I just hope I don't become a submission slut, sending short stories to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who happen to have a magazine to publish.