April 21, 2009

Random Rants

- Neil Gaiman posted something this week that made me smile. When asked if there was an American Gods movie in the works, he broke a lot of hearts by admitting there was no such movie happening yet, as no one has purchased film rights to the novel—sad news in a sense, because it's a great story. But, my smile came with his final sentence on the topic.

"I'm currently working on the ANANSI BOYS film script, though."

That, ladies and gentlemen, made my day. I may have to wait years and years to see
Anansi Boys on the silver screen, but you can bet your ass I'll buy a ticket when one of my all-time favorite novels gets turned into a movie. Thank you, Neil.

- I used some of my credit at the local used-book store to pick up
The Constant Gardener by John Le Carre. Impulse buy. I went in there to see if they had Wilbur Smith's River God—one of my aunt swears I have to read the apparent third book of Smith's Egyptian series, The Quest. No sign of it, but that guy has a huge bibliography. I notice that sometimes when browsing the shelves—an entire shelf of a single author's work, and I haven't read a single title. Clive Cussler is another name I always see, yet have never bothered to read. Someday maybe, but for now Le Carre just got added to my "To Read" list.

- My blogroll is growing every week, it seems, and many of them are more than just a decent read ... their damn-near indispensable to me and my own writing education. One of the more recent blogs I've come to really love, even though I'm not presently writing crime fiction of any sort, is Lee Lofland's The Graveyard Shift. I stumbled across his blog through someone else's blogroll, after seeing he had a review of
Castle. I haven't seen an episode of the show yet, but I'm a Nathan Fillion fan and Lofland's critiques on the procedural aspect of the show is immeasurably enlightening, so I'm going to check the show out next time it's on.

- I can't remember how old I was when I read
Where The Wild Things Are, but I can tell you I'll be in my thirties when I see the film. God damn, I'm on the bandwagon for this one. It looks gorgeous.

- I watched
Fringe tonight. Was in the mood for something a little sci-fi, I guess. I hadn't watched the show since it first aired, as there's only a handful of shows I do watch regularly. Not bad. Interesting storyline involving contagious emotions, but I think I saw something like that once before. Star Trek: TNG? Anywho ... didn't hate the episode. Might watch the show again sometime.

- I checked out WordSmith.org's Anagram Generator and checked out my full name today. Some entertaining results. If you've never tried it before, give it a shot. You might be surprised what that generator can come up with. I was.

- Stephen King is coming out with another epic novel, according to an article I read on the Guardian. Click here to read it for yourself. It'll be over 1,100 pages and will tell the tale of a town in Maine—shocking, right?--that's suddenly trapped within a force field. This is the first I've ever heard tell of this novel, but I'm curious at any rate. I once had a similar story idea, in that I tried to envision Earth trapped within a forcefield. I gotta say, localizing the premise to a single town is much more intriguing. But, I think I'm gonna hold off until it's in paperback. There's only so much room in the house.

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